My name is Melissa Vickers and I am the Owner, Artist, and Designer here at  Mama Llama Originals.  As a commercial interior designer, I have always had a passion for the creative.  As a commited student of life I have become so grateful for the practice of mindfulness in its many forms.  Mama Llama Originals is all about mindful creative expression both in the physical form and the written word.  

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Personal Organizer | Professional Clutter Coaching

Personal Organizing and Clutter Coaching is a thing?  Absolutely!  I have always cared about how my personal space looks and feels.  When I was younger, we rented and moved around from apartment to apartment. I was always  first to...

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Shopify Pricing vs Fees vs Cost Guide: Lite vs Basic vs Shopify vs Advanced vs Plus

I have been getting a ton of questions lately about my website, so I wrote a guide to help explain what Shopify is and what your options might be if you are interested in setting up your own awesome ecommerce site. My Shopify pricing plan guide is updated for January 2019 and provides the most up to date and complete comparison of shopify pricing, plans, fees, and costs. I have been using a variety of Shopify plans for years and have compiled my experience and knowledge into this complete Shopify pricing plan guide. Hope it's useful!
Food, Family, and 50% Off Fabric.

Food, Family, and 50% Off Fabric.

Food, friends and family, those are the 3 main “F’s” that define Thanksgiving. How about adding a fourth F…fabric! As we wrap up another Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded how meaningful and wonderful of a day it is because it forces us to slow down and enjoy the company of loved ones from near and far.